Grainster ( Trading Department ) is a global leader in the procurement and sale of grains, chilled & frozen meat, poultry, pork, seafood, feed and fresh & frozen vegetable products, along with their respective derivatives. Our trading associates hold with over 6 years of experience in these commodity groupings.

At Grainster, we have built a new type of network of experts around the globe, serving the world’s food suppliers and customers with diverse products and services that help them grow their protein or agri business.

Our suppliers count on us to market their goods competitively and creatively inside a now changing market landscape. Our customers rely on us to find the right products with the best value. Whether dealing with frozen and fresh protein and vegetable products, all of our clients depend on our highly skilled team to help them seize opportunities and make good business decisions.

We protect and promote our clients’ interests by watching market trends, sharing market knowledge and proactively responding to changing circumstances. And while our network is global, our focus is local. We expanded our network from 1 office in 2014 to 3 in 2020 while growing our team to over 40+ people with extraordinary diversity and talent. We are fluent in local cultures, customs, and currencies. Our multilingual team is sensitive to different ways of doing business. At Grainster , we know what is most important to our suppliers and customers in their own markets. With these specific requirements in mind, we work to fulfil their needs.

Here at Grainster for over 6 years, we have focused on one goal – building our clients’ success and profitability.

Strategic Objectives

Strive for customer satisfaction by ensuring fresh and timely delivery of exports.
Ensure continuous product growth and innovation by increasing Grainster number of targeted ports globally.

Increase capacity and streamline process to secure competitive advantage.
Remain cost competitive.

Ensure minimum risk through safe packaging of perishable products.


Our supplier network partners in over 38 origin countries. And we do business with over 40 Destination Countries.

Our destination markets have been throughout the Middle East, North and West Africa, Gulf Countries, Mainland China and Far East & Asian destinations. We trade mainly in bulk on FCA, FOB, CIF/CFR basis.


Grain Services

Today’s global economy means there are many more factors affecting the marketplace, all of which contribute increased challenges. Grainster can help you by reviewing your options. Our Grain services:

  • Provide you with products, markets and risk management tools that help meet your profit goals
  • Have up-to-the-minute information to help you take advantage of market opportunities
  • Market corn, wheat, soybeans and other miscellaneous grains
  • Market specialty GMO /NON-GMO wheat, soybeans, soybean meal and soy hulls

Grain Marketing Tools

Our speciality in wheat & soybeans is closely monitored from beginning to end to ensure their natural identity and quality are preserved, making them more valuable for wheat & soybean growers and end-users.

  • Long term / Short term contracts
  • Forward contracts
  • Hedge-to-arrive contracts
  • Basis contracts
  • Target orders

Non-GMO / GMO Soybeans

Non-GMO/ GMO Soybean Seed

Non-GMO / GMO Soybean Meal

Non-GMO / GMO Corn

Non-GMO / GMO Corn Seed

Durum Wheat

Milling Wheat

Feed Wheat


Other Feed grains

White / Refined Sugar

We offer quality and excellent White sugar which has been refined and washed so that it has a white appearance and no molasses flavour. It contains 99.9% sucrose.
It is normally consumed in households and being relatively neutral in flavour, it is used as an ingredient in various edible processed foods and beverages.

With our global sourcing ability, GRAINSTER is able to offer products from our suppliers based in South America, India, and Thailand.


GRAINSTER is one of the leading global poultry marketers in the world. Because of our vast market coverage, we can deliver the best value and the most competitive pricing worldwide. We are specialists in poultry sourcing and product diversity. With more than 6 years of average industry experience for each person on our poultry team, we actively look for opportunities to benefit our clients.


GRAINSTER is a key supplier of pork products to markets around the globe. We source pork in more than 9 countries, each with its own grow-out and cutting standards. This extensive supplier network, along with a deeply experienced sourcing team with a broad knowledge of pork cuts and customer specifications, ensures that we deliver the best product solution at the right value. That’s why customers come to us first when it comes to making pork buying decisions.


Success in the meat market requires detailed knowledge of each producing country, feeding programs, taste and grade. Our meat experts around the world track trends in order to deliver the best options and value. Thanks to our knowledge of modified-atmosphere packaging.

Specializing in sourcing and forward contracting protein and commodities for the end wholesaler.

We maintain an extensive list of proteins and commodities available for immediate export as well as the ability to forward contract grow.

Our producers have the ability to forward contract grow according to the exact specifications of the buyer.
We have the unique ability to integrate production, processing, and logistics to create the end product; all specifically produced according to the buyer’s requirements on a global front.

Vegetables & Fruits

GRAINSTER caters to all major segments of the food industry with a wide variety of fresh & frozen vegetables and fruits. We can create custom programs tailored for each client, either using our local house brands or private labelling for our customers. Our strict quality control ensures that each product meets local tastes and specifications.


We offer quality and excellent seafood products packaged within the family of GRAINSTER brands. Our wild-caught and aquaculture grown products are offered in a variety of styles produced to our customer’s specifications. Products are available as Natural Fillets, Cut Portions and Whole Round Fish.

With our global sourcing ability, GRAINSTER is able to offer products from our suppliers based in North & South America, EU, India, and Vietnam.


Trusted logistic partner of Grainster in dry-bulk, commercial , container shipping and Trading services.

A leading chartering, container, shipping and trading company committed to ensuring customers’ needs for quality shipping, container, marine and trading services. We have expansive international experience of shipping and trading matters and offer our customers and clients a wide range of shipping and trading related services that are innovative, cost- effective, and tailored to your needs.