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Another process that occurs inside the Grainster Ecosphere is the coordination of transport of the grain between buyer and seller. This service not only allows the party responsible for transportation costs to find best possible rates for transport through our network of hopper-bottom equipped trucks and international freight forwarding service providers, but it also assists truck owners and brokers to maximize their profits by network participation in our proprietary system.

With Grainster Logistics we will not only provide the farmer and the buyer with the most competitive rate for transport of their grain, we will also help truck operators increase profitability and maximize drive time. Our approach is unique in that our mobile app serves as a “beacon” for the drivers as they travel across the country. The buyer (or seller) responsible for transportation of the grain posts their transport need onto our system and drivers in the area or across the country bid it on. Available drivers simply switch on their beacons and immediately see our mapping platform and freight opportunities. Drivers in closest proximity will likely be the lowest to bidder, providing the most efficient transport. This provides the shipper with the best possible rate – and in many cases provides the driver with income on both legs of their trip.

Grainster Logistics mobile app can function as a standalone application or can be integrated seamlessly into the Grainster Ecosphere. Farmers, buyers, and shippers that operate outside of the Grainster Ecosphere will also be able to use this app. The benefits to this solution are numerous. We will be able to provide a complete “life- cycle” of the grain from the moment it enters the farmer’s bin (through API partnerships with leading farm management software providers) all the way through the drying and storage process and ultimately its journey from the farmers bin to the processor. This data will be stored in the Grainster cloud and made available to any processors that wish to license the data. By licensing this data, the manufacturer will be able to place a small Quick Response Code (QR Code) on their product packaging that a consumer can scan in order to get the entire history of the food they are eating. A representative from the USDA cited this feature as the missing link to transparency in the food chain, all for healthier food.

Once domestic shipping delivers the grain to a port of origin we will continue to track the grain through our network of international freight forwarders. The industry standard for international freight brokerage is 15%. Initially, we will charge 10%, in line with our strategy to provide simple cost effective services.

Any time of the day, buyers and sellers can login to our system and find out exactly where their grain is located. In addition to food for human consumption, our “pedigree data” is also of interest to pet food manufacturers. We believe that our data will be of interest to insurance providers, lenders, financial institutions, homeland security, USDA, schools and universities, beef and dairy farmers, and local grain elevator operators. Over time, we believe farmers will be able to demand a premium for “pedigreed grain”, just as organic farmers have been able to capitalize on growing demand for their products.

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    Grainster Ecosphere

    Grainster’s aim is to provide simple, cost effective management of everything needed to transact grain sales between buyers and sellers. Grainster will provide seven principal products which collectively provide an ‘ecosphere’ in which buyers and sellers can safely and confidently conduct business.