Grainster Solution

Grainster understands the unique challenges farming, as a profession, presents; increased frustration with an outdated trading model no longer designed to benefit either party should not be one of them. Our response? The Grainster trading platform. A simple, direct, transparent connection between buyers and seller facilitating price, delivery, efficient logistics and certification of product heritage from seed to table.

Grainster empowers farmers to better see the world around them, to assess and more effectively meet its needs; it also opens a window for the world’s buyers to better appreciate farmers’ unquestionably vital contributions.

Grainster Ecosphere

Grainster’s mission is to provide simple, cost effective management of everything needed to transact grain sales between buyers and sellers. Grainster will provide seven principal products which collectively provide an ‘ecosphere’ in which buyers and sellers can safely and confidently conduct business.



Grainster, an Arkansas based, early stage startup company has a vision to change the world of Agriculture by allowing farmers to market their crops directly to a global marketplace of buyers in a secure online environment. Grainster’s ultimate promise is that of Farmer liberation from corporate and market controlled prices and empowerment of local and global buyers to purchase at better prices than before. Grainster’s mission is to revolutionize the way agricultural commodities are traded by expanding trading opportunities to a global landscape for both sellers (farmers) and buyers. With Grainster’s new trading platform, farmers and buyers can finally be free to negotiate directly, in an open market environment, regardless of Chicago Board of Trade prices. Grainster’s secure, comprehensive trading platform provides, among other benefits, a new opportunity for both farmers and buyers to increase operations profitability.


As a company, we are focused on becoming the best trading platform in the world as opposed to earning short term profits for an idea. Our passion is to see our concept come to fruition and have an overwhelming impact on an industry we love, agriculture.

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