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Arkansas Matters – Grainster Chairman & CEO, Layne Fortenberry Interview

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two of the biggest names in technology and philanthropy have their eyes on an Arkansas start-up.

Apple co-found Steve Wozniak and investor – philanthropist Sir Richard Branson have tapped Arkansas based Grainster in their Talent Unleashed program as a “Best Idea” “One To Watch” Finalist.

Grainster, an online grain trading platform allows farmers to set their own price and market rice, corn and other grain nationally and internationally, boosting a farmers revenue.

The design and concept of the entire Grainster Ecosphere and farm sustainability is what caught Wozniak and Bransons attention.

Grainser founder and CEO Layne Fortenberry said working at his parents rice mill years ago, he knew there had to be a way farmers could keep more more money in their pockets.

“I could see the farmer at a local rice mill had to go through brokers and we milled the rice. On the other side it went through even more hands four, five, six hands down the line. So I could see..I had special view I could see we needed a solution to go straight from the farmers to the end user. Or as far down the supply chain as we can get them.”

The finalists will be announced next month in Australia. Fortenbeery said he hopes the trip will help put a spotlight on Arkansas innovation, as well as Grainster as it positions itself to enter the global market place.